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The scale of the mission of ALL Species, to know all species in 25 years, requires diverse and significant philanthropic support. In its first two years of existence, several individuals and organizations made substantial contributions that were instrumental in building the base for key ALL initiatives. Other groups or individuals have supported specific activities through direct donations or have provided in-kind contributions. Without the generosity and vision of these supporters, it would have been impossible for ALL to sustain itself beyond the seminal concept.

General Operating Support 2003-2004

California Academy of Sciences

The Field Musuem

Missouri Botanical Garden

Museum of Comparative Zoology-Harvard

Warren Schlinger Family Foundation

National Science Foundation: E-Type Initiative Strategic Workshops, 2002 and 2003

Founding Supporter

The Schlinger Family Foundation generously provided the initial $1M donation which launched the ALL Species Foundation and provided operating capital. Evert Schlinger, a widely respected parasitoid dipterist active in taxonomic field research, continues his involvement and dedication as an outstanding member of the ALL Species advisor network.

General Operating Support 2000-2002

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Shel Kaplan

Kevin Kelly

Ryan Phelan and Stewart Brand (Electra Foundation)

Conference Funders

ALL Species Foundation has received support to facilitate discussion between taxonomists, nongovernmental organizations and systematic collections. The following organizations have supported conference and workshop activities:

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation: Summit for All Species, Harvard, 2001

National Science Foundation: E-Type Initiative Strategic Workshop, 2002

Special Recognition

California Academy of Sciences: First meeting on the concept of ALL Species, 2000; Digital Imaging Workshop, 2002; E-Type Initiative Strategic Workshop, 2002; E-Type Strategic Workshops Supplemental Grant; office space 2003-2004

CONABIO: Megadiverse Countries Workshop, 2001

Conservation International, CABI: Megadiverse Countries Workshop, 2001

Explorers Club Conservation Event, PBI Awardees Panel Discussion, 2003

Jenifer Altman Foundation: Bishop Museum Internship, 2002

Smithsonian Institution: E-Type Initiative Strategic Workshop, 2002; E-Type Initiative Strategic Workshops 2002 and 2003

Santa Fe Community Foundation: Woodrat ATBI Workshop, 2002